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The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible






Sunday Ignite Your Spirit and Life :Starting July 1st, 2018

7 MST / 8 am cst/ 9 am EST  

Join us live every Sunday morning for free inspiration and meditation on soul and life matters.  Free and inclusive to all who want to join in.


Lori Hudspeth is a seeker of wisdom and clarity, and a lifelong student of healing in methods both modern and traditional.

In her practice, she blends cognitive awareness, intuition, and energy work with traditional and ancient practices such as journeying and chakra cleansing. Channeling personal gifts of compassion, intuition, candor, and humor, she enables a unique and powerful space for others to discover their true purpose and direction. 


Retreats & Events


Your team comes together when...

Lori offers unique retreats and events that are paradigm shifting and supportive to your growth process. As one of the few Certified Master Fire-walkers in the United States , you can know that you are getting the best and most experienced guide available. Using proven techniques both modern and ancient she will help you break life-long and generational subconscious beliefs holding you back from the life you desire. Discovering your true authentic Divine self in a powerful way.  She creates impactful events to uncover the authentic and “true” self with lasting results.

You have all the support you need to dig deep and make changes in your life when you work with Lori.
— Patsy Dollar, Soul Coach
We faced vulnerabilities and limitations throughout the day, and transformed them into assurances and limitless potentials.
— Alma Kerr, Unity of Omaha
If this is not on your bucket list, it should be.
— Brenda Peters, UNO
A warrior for each one of us that seeks clarity in our universal placement.
— Darina Weitzmann, Marine Whitelist

There's a warrior in everyone.